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ElectroAutomatic Drive
It's not about exercise.

EFR's exclusive ElectroAutomatic Drive integrates a high quality electric motor and recharcheable batteries in your fly reel to give you unparalleled convenience and performance. Reel in faster than ever, without effort and without using your second hand and spend more time fishing.

OneTouch Control
Have a break but keep in touch.

One-Touch Control for ElectroAutomatic Drive allows you to reel in the line with a touch of a finger. Keeping your other hand free One-Touch Control allows you to drill or reel in at any time.

Rechargeable, Exchangeable, Powerful

EFR reels with ElectroAutomatic Drive contain a rechargeable PowerPack. The PowerPack includes rechargeable NIMH batteries and a battery charger. The PowerPack can be connected to standard USB outlets (Micro-USB-cable required) to recharge. It can easily be removed from the reel to recharge if this is more convenient for you or if you want to continue fishing with a second PowerPack while recharging the first one. About 10 minutes of charging should give you sufficient power for another hour or two, while fully charging the PowerPack usually takes about one hour.

One brake is enough.

The smooth and reliable UnionBrake system allows you to adjust the drag in a wide range and will secure your back no matter whether you drill or reel in line with the ElectroAutomatic Drive or the EasyDrill Handle.
(With DirectDrill Handle the UnionBrake is not protecting your line when you manually rotate the spool)

EasyDrill Handle / DirectDrill Handle
Work the reel, feel the nature.

With the DirectDrill Handle setup, the handle is directly attached to the spool as on most conventional fly reels. This is a good choice for experienced anglers and if you prefer direct control of the spool when you work the reel manually during a drill.

With the EasyDrill Handle, the handle is connected to a separate top plate, such that the UnionBrake can protect your line from breaking during a drill or whenever you reel in manually. Similar to most spinning reels, with the EasyDrill Handle the UnionBrake allows the spool to rotate freely at a given line drag preventing excessive force on the line. Let UnionBrake secure the line and you can fully focus on the drill.

All EFR Electroautomatic Fly Reels can easily be converted from EasyDrill Handle to DirectDrill Handle and vice versa.
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Currently EFR Electroautomatic Fly Reels is a private collaboration of a few fellows continuously testing and improving electroautomatic reels for fly fishing.

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